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Dancing with family and friends (Ted Schaffer, Hari, Sarah, Rhoney) at Hannah's wedding. (October 23, 2011) Family celebrations ,
Lovely portrait of brother and sister. Gokul, December 23, 2006 Family visits India ,
Sitting with Mohan Shyamdas and Madan Mohan ,
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1989_sdprathameshjiusa Shyamdas and Shri Prathameshji ,

Photos of Shyamdas with his initiating guru, inspiration, and dearest guide into the path of grace filled devotion, His Holiness Goswami Shri Prathameshji

at Ananda Ashram Portraits in USA ,
, ,

Portrait photos of Shyamdas taken in the U.S.

Archive Item Protected: Media Release Photos ,

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11277272946_560cf70f20_c Bhajan Boats ,

Shyamdas organized river kirtan cruises in upstate New York and in NYC, sponsored by Mantrology and with proceeds donated to Food for Life Vrindavan.

Shyamdas and friend/Sanskrit reading buddy Atma Chaitanya aka Masta Ram aka Ira Schepetin, aboard a bhajan boat Shyamdas and Friends ,

A gallery of photos of Shyamdas with his friends

In a Braj field of mustard with the local style of winter cap Portraits in India ,

Individual photos of Shyamdas taken in India

Shyamdas looks on intently, Milan Babashri smiles, the Vaishnavas await Shyamdas and Shri Milan Baba ,

The rich and sacred association between Shyamdas and Shri Milan Baba